10 Rules and Green Barley for First Time Pregnant Mothers

Every pregnant woman goes through the same feeling when they first heard they are having a baby. At first, they become excited; they get overwhelmed with emotions, and is thankful for the opportunity to become a mother to a lovely baby. Once the excitement subsides, then comes the fear and worry. Questions start to arise such as “Will I be able to manage it?” or “Will my baby come out healthy, cute or not?”

To make everything easier for the pregnant mother, she must abide by these ten steps so they can conceive or deliver a healthy baby. A pregnant woman should also bear in mind that they need to be physically fit when they go through the labor or else there will be complications when labor time arrives.

So here are the 10 rules:

  1. Know your body’s condition well and learn to adapt. There are days when your body will feel strong but there are some days where you just want to lie down and not do anything. Don’t stress yourself out if you are too tired and give yourself a rest. The bottom line here you have to know the signals and get attuned to your body. 30 0r 60 ml of Green Barley will give you all the necessary vitamins and enzymes that your craving body needs.
  2. Even when you are pregnant, don’t stop to exercise. We’re not exactly saying that you should exert a lot of effort like what you do at the gym but it is also important that you move your body. Also, learn to use your heart rate to tell you when you continue to exercise or do body movements before you stop. If you feel like heart rate is going fast, take a longer rest and resume your workout once your heart beat normalizes.
  3. As your womb gets bigger, your weight changes as well. You need to adjust and at the same time learn which part of the body you need support on. In this case, you have to soften your joints and learn to shift with your weigh. If you have poor biomechanics, it can lead to injury, which will harm both you and your baby inside.
  4. It is highly recommended that you drink lots of fluids, especially water. You can add electrolytes to your drink but not sugar. If you are into caffeine, have a limit of 150mg per daily. As a supplement, it’s best to drink green barley because it has no side effects particularly for a pregnant woman.
  5. Have a lot of protein intake to your meal plans. Many may tell you that its bad to have lots of protein, but experts say that your body will function better if you have at least 120 grams of protein daily. Also try to eat good fats such as avocado, walnuts, almonds and salmon. To make your body more healthy, get green barley and drink it at least 1 or 2 hours ahead before you start a meal. Don’t double your meals – you are not eating for 2 as what most people say.
  6. Never give up with maintaining your fitness level even though you are having a baby unless your doctor requires you not to do it for medical reasons.
  7. To prevent injury, you should always continue your condition program but do not overexert to avoid injuries.
  8. Try to add yoga and pilates in your daily routine. After the workout, you can replenish yourself with green barley because it will serve as your energy booster to get you through the day – and also make your pregnant body healthy.
  9. Because it takes a lot of energy to have a baby inside your womb, be sure to sleep well. Make a habit to sleep 8-10 hours a day. If you are tired, take a nap.
  10. You are the authority of your body but do listen if it feels tired to do anything. Also, be sure to make regular check-ups with your physician because your baby is developing and there will be stages that you have to go through.

We absolutely understand what a pregnant mother feels. Men may not understand what a pregnant woman goes through because they will never feel the emotion and the anxiety of carrying a baby inside their womb. What is important though that a pregnant woman should be respected and should be loved because having a baby is the most difficult job to do – this job even beats those who are owners or CEOs of their company.

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