Food that Kills Your Brain Cells

The human brain is like the command center that transmits signals in different parts of your body. Your brain basically acts like a boss – it tells you what to think, how to feel, what to say, how to react and what to do in dire situations. To put it simply, your brain is very much important and must be taken care of.

It’s already a given that you should put some extra care of your brain but there are a few people who do not consider their brains valuable. For instance, they would go to great lengths to do something that is unhealthy for their brain like stay up all night doing their reports without resting, watching too much TV near the screen, and a few others. But what makes unforgivable is eating foods that will kill off your brain.

Food is essential to our body. Food is needed to replenish that lost energy that you exhausted during the cause of the day and to make sure that your whole body is still functioning. To enhance it further, one can drink green barley and use it an alternative or a supplement to each meal. However, what you feed from your body will affect your brain in the long run especially if they are not advisable to take them in the first place.

Here, we’ll list four types of food that should be avoided to make sure that your brain stays healthy an alert.

  • Corn Syrup and Sugar

Some may be surprised that these two are first on the list. But one must take note that corn syrup and sugar are additives that are very sweet. If you take in more than what you can handle, it will result in health problems such as diabetes and obesity. According to experts, both of these ingredients are dangerous to your brain. To make yourself safe, eat only sugar only on special occasions or every other day as a treat… but never too much. Also, try to limit yourself to eating only two bites and avoid getting tempted.

  • High carbohydrate lunch

There are certain carbohydrate ingredients that are considered healthy and must be included in your daily meal plan. Then again, eating a lot will cause you to become sluggish and sleepy during lunch time. Most people mistook high carbohydrate lunch as “power lunch” because they think it will replenish whatever energy they had lost during the day, but the result turns out the exact opposite. Go for a light meal with a little bit of protein like shrimps and avocado or grilled chicken breast. It would also be wiser to include green barley and drink it before you take your lunch.

  • Nicotine

What do most men do after eating their meal? They go somewhere to smoke, right? They think smoking will calm them down or soothe them. Still, what they don’t realize that once you have too much of this inside your body, the flow of the blood to your brain will be tightened, meaning, it limits its passage. T will actually diminish the functions of your brain. The more you smoke, the more the effects will grow and increase until it too late for a cure. Also, try to drink green barley juice before or after meals to alleviate health risks.

  • Alcohol

A lot of people die for different reasons due to alcohol. Some die in a car crash or accidents because they drove while under the influence of alcohol. Others could not think straight and do some crazy things like killing somebody by accident or raping a girl because of too much liquor. But there’s another reason why alcohol should be avoided entirely – because it kills your brain without hesitation. For those who don’t know, alcohol delays with dopamine production. Even if alcohol such as a resveratrol-rich red wine is beneficial to one’s health, but drinking more than a glass will eventually result in a reduced brain functionality and energy loss.

Now that you have an idea what should be avoided for your brain cells, it’s time to take action and find ways to become healthy. Try to incorporate vegetables, fruits, nuts, green barley, and other food essentials to your meal plan and don’t forget to exercise every day.

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